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The Suede and Nubuk used in most Dooney & Bourke merchandise has been treated for general water repellency, but may absorb water under certain circumstances. If this happens, a dry cloth should be used to blot the excess liquid and the material should be allowed to dry thoroughly. Once dry, a suede brush should be used to gently lift the nap.

Due to the unique texture or nap (raised fibers; longer and fuzzier on suede bags), some consideration should be given when using during inclement weather. In addition, care should also be taken as to where these particular handbags are stored when not in use. This consideration will keep the soil on the bottom to a minimum and maintain the optimal beauty of the handbag.

These instructions may differ according to material and trim.  Please consult your specific collection for more details pertaining to the care and cleaning of your Dooney & Bourke product.

Florentine Zebra Nubuk

Quilted Nubuk

Suede & Nubuk

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