Mother's Day 2019 | Dooney & Bourke

Meet Our Moms

Mothers shape our lives in countless ways, as caregivers and teachers, role models and defenders. Above all, they inspire us to be our best selves. In honor of Mother’s Day, we celebrate the mothers of our employees and share their words of wisdom.

Meet Alaina's Mom, Marisa

Alaina’s mother Marisa lived all over the country during her childhood before settling in Connecticut to start a career. A compassionate nurse and fun loving mother, she is an amazing inspiration for her two daughters.

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Meet Anna's Mom, Marta

Anna’s mother Marta was born in Colombia, moved to the US, and became one of the skilled leather workers at our Connecticut factory. One of Marta’s sixteen children, Anna became the second generation in her family to join the Dooney & Bourke team.


Meet Annemarie's Mom, Annie

Annemarie’s mother Annie was born in North Carolina and moved to Connecticut where she had a long and successful career in business administration. She is the loving and devoted mother of four children, grandmother of two and great grandmother of six.

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Meet Cortney’s Mom, Christine

Originally from New Jersey, Cortney’s mom Christine moved to Connecticut to pursue her career as a project manager and raise three children. She loves golfing, hiking, cooking and collecting snow globes.

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Meet Erin's Mom, Jeannette

A registered nurse and Navy wife, Erin’s mom Jeannette is the beloved mother of three children and nine grandchildren. She is passionately involved in local charity work and loves baking and arranging flowers in her time off.

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Meet Jolanta's Mom, Saturnina

Jolanta’s mother Saturnina immigrated from Poland to Brooklyn when she was 18 years old and newly married. She put herself through college, raised three daughters, and had a successful career as an accountant. Now retired, she enjoys singing in her church choir, cooking Polish specialties and spoiling her five grandchildren.

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Meet Jonathan's Mom, Maria

Jonathan’s mother Maria comes from a large Puerto Rican family that enjoys good food. She learned to cook from her father when she was twelve years old, and loves to prepare feasts for her extended family. In addition to raising Jonathan and his two siblings, she works for a manufacturing company in Connecticut.


Meet Kristen’s Mom, Maryann

Kristen’s mother Maryann grew up in Illinois and moved to Connecticut to raise a family. Mother of two and grandmother of one, she is a talented and accomplished artist.

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Meet Sheik's Mom, Marlene

Born and raised in Connecticut, Sheik’s mother Marlene is an active and fun loving parent to two boys. She works as a medical coder for a local hospital and enjoys doing home décor projects on her time off.

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