We know you love the Dooney duck just as much (if not more,) than we do. But what’s behind that classic logo? What makes Dooney, well, Dooney? And… Why a duck? You asked, so we’re answering.

What’s Behind Our Logo?

Since 1975, we’ve been setting the standard in leather craftsmanship. We’ve spent almost 50 years running our factory and making things ourselves while partnering with multi-generational Italian tanneries. From our beginnings in belt making, to today, where our iconic handbags take the stage, we’ve been driven by the mantra of ‘only the finest’ from our Italian leathers all the way down to the very thread that stitches our bags together. The Dooney & Bourke logo represents our commitment to unrivaled quality in everything that we create.


Why the duck?

The history of the Dooney duck is a storied one, dating back all the way to the introduction of our world-renown All Weather Leather. We designed the All Weather Leather Collection utilizing the same leather as Norwegian snow boots for a stunning and durable look that would remain water resistant day in and day out. In fact, water simply rolls off of it…just like water off of a duck’s back.

Now it starts to come together, right?

Our duck logo is a celebration of our history, and a nod to one of our most famous collections. Every logo is a statement of unrivaled quality and represents our promise to you, sewn into every single stitch.

Dooney & Bourke.

Unrivaled quality since 1975.