Let’s dive in to some handbag history. After all, bags have been around for thousands of years, so there’s a lot to explore! For now, let’s focus on a perennial favorite: the drawstring.

Did you know the drawstring is actually considered to be the first ever handbag? Talk about iconic looks! With thousands of iterations over time, there’s so much to love about the drawstring—let’s take a look back.


Drawstrings were a mainstay in Ancient Egypt.

Drawstring bucket bags have roots all the way back to ancient Egypt. Archeologists have uncovered drawstring bags all along the Nile, where they were used for a variety of functions. The easy carry-all style was used to carry belongings to and from religious ceremonies, as well as during agricultural harvests.


They were also a go-to bag during the Middle Ages.

Drawstring bags in the Middle Ages were used to carry valuables to and fro. Whether they carried jewels and coins or valuable rations, these items needed to be well protected during travel. What better way than with a functional (and stylish) drawstring bucket bag? During this time, stylistic elements became more prominent a key step in creating the gorgeous drawstrings we know today.


Dooney & Bourke changed the game in the 80s.

Let’s bring things forward to the 1980’s where the real fun starts. During this decade, Dooney & Bourke drawstring bags arrive on the scene, in classic All Weather Leather. This bag changes the game, with incredible durability and style, altering the course of the drawstring bag forever.


The drawstring bags of today represent both the enduring heritage of Dooney & Bourke and the style itself, combining timelessness and craftsmanship that will never go out of style. Get yourself a piece of history—explore timeless drawstring bags on Dooney.com