There’s just something about a classic style. Classic designer handbags can make us feel elegant, confident, and most importantly—stylish.

If you’re looking for a timeless classic, be sure to check out a few of our favorites below & find your forever style.


1. The Florentine Satchel
Our Florentine Satchel is made from luxurious Italian Vacchetta leather that grows even softer over time. The satchel itself is a classic silhouette that can easily navigate multiple decades and will always be the star of the show.


2. All Weather Leather 3.0 Domed Satchel
With the All Weather Leather 3.0 Domed Satchel, it’s all about that classic Dooney shape. With our famous All Weather Leather and a sleek silhouette, this look creates a familiar but fresh feel that is always in style.


3. Pebble Grain Kendall Crossbody
The Pebble Grain Kendall Crossbody is a modern take on the ever-popular bucket bag style. One of the reasons the bucket bag has been such a staple throughout fashion is its ability to hold everything you need to transition from day to night—and remain fabulous through both.


4. Monogram Brinley
Rich colors and elegant monograms make a refined recipe for a timeless handbag. Just look at our Monogram Brinley. This slightly oversized shoulder bag displays that classic DB monogram in a fun, yet elegant silhouette.


5. DB75 Multi-Slim Crossbody
Want a more colorful take on a certified classic? Our DB75 Multi Slim Crossbody is the solution. This bag pairs a slightly rounded crossbody style and signature mini-monogrammed design with bright bursts of color. The multicolored monogram pops against the black background, making this an eye-catching homage to both vintage styling and modern trends.


6. Florentine Domed Buckle Satchel
You’ll look and feel ready to travel the world with our Florentine Domed Buckle Satchel. Whether you’re traveling to dinner, or Paris…or dinner in Paris, the unique domed buckle style will make both you and your bag a standout star.


7. All Weather Leather 3.0 Drawstring
Whether you’re strolling on the beach, walking down the hallway at work, or perusing the produce aisle, the All Weather Leather 3.0 Drawstring bag always looks the part. The timeless style of this shoulder bag is elegant and classy, yet just modern enough to fit into any outfit.


8. All Weather Leather 2 Duck Bag
We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’ve got a bit of a thing for ducks. Our All Weather Leather 2 Duck Bag celebrates our iconic duck logo, making it the focal point of this Dooney fave. The compact look is timeless in every color, but we especially love it in Olive!


9. Gretta Small Shopper
The Gretta Small Shopper pairs a classic tote bag silhouette with our iconic mini-monogram print. To pay homage to popular vintage styling, choose this look in Brown Tmoro, allowing the richness of the colors to shine. For a modern twist on a classic icon, choose it in Sea Foam.


At Dooney & Bourke, we’re always creating new classics, so don’t miss all of our luxurious handbags and accessories.