By now, you’ve probably seen this year’s fall lookbooks. Our lookbooks are full of natural beauty and gorgeous seasonal style, and are greatly enhanced by the beauty of their surroundings: The Adirondacks.

We decided to take our fall collection to a place where the natural wonders truly take our breath away—and everything else is pretty great too. Not only did we capture some iconic shots (see them for yourself here), we had some fun too. Here’s a glimpse of what our team got up to behind the scenes of this stunning shoot.

We are in love with this carousel, solely featuring animals native to the area. Iconic, right?


This lodge is absolutely gorgeous—and that view? Amazing.


Fun fact, these are made in our hometown, Norwalk, CT!


Did you know that this (Whiteface Mountain) is one of the highest points on the East Coast?


We’re living the high life!


We hope you enjoyed this peek behind the scenes of our latest lookbook. Stay tuned for more fall favorites, brand new looks & more, and as always, stay stylish Dooney fans!