Introducing an all-new Pebble Grain Collection.

Spring is the time for new beginnings. But the beginning of this new collection truly goes back to the early nineties, with the launch of All Weather Leather. All Weather Leather, a collection that still inspires nostalgia, is known for its pebble leather and retro styling. Years later, as an ode to the durability of All Weather Leather, we created the Pebble Grain Collection. This offered a wider range of everyday silhouettes, including the classic Zip Zip Satchel that just might be our most popular bag (and definitely our most popular satchel bag) of all time.

Our newest Pebble Grain Collection pay homage to our long lineage of pebble leathers through modern shapes.

These silhouettes are crafted from a new German leather that has a slightly larger pebble and a more supple feel than what we’ve offered in the past. This leather is also more lightweight, and as a result, it feels especially buttery to the touch.

Get to know some of our favorite details:

The Hardware
A removable, jewelry-grade D&B charm sits on the handle or strap of every bag. You can customize your look by either removing it completely or fastening it to a different part of your silhouette.

The Details
Crisp Vacchetta leather trim, interior canvas lining, and metal feet on the bottom. Each aspect of this bag features thoughtful and functional details.

The Logo
You’ve seen many iterations of our logo, depending on the collection. This collection features an embossed leather logo that calls back to vintage styles.

As you can see, we tinkered with that collection—refining it here, elevating it there—until we found subtle ways to elevate it. You see, a collection that’s treasured by so many people deserves our constant attention. It should evolve with your lifestyle.

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