You know what would look great with that outfit? A pair of our all-new Florentine Dipinta Sneakers.

One Of A Kind

Our newest sneakers are here!

The Florentine Dipinta Lace Ups are handmade in Portugal using a very special leather. Many of you know and love Florentine leather because of the way it softens and develops a rich patina over time, but you might not instantly recognize it here. That’s because, for our Florentine Dipinta First Editions, this rich Italian leather is hand-painted with abstract brush strokes. You’ll see splashes of red here, strokes of white and navy there.

Because the leather is painted by hand, each pair of sneakers will look different from the next. Every step of the way, know that you’re blazing the trail in a pair of lace ups unlike anyone else’s.

From Morning To Evening

Florentine Dipinta Sneakers were designed in Italy with your everyday life in mind. We’re all on-the-go these days, and it’s important that our shoes are comfortable. So these lace ups have solid rubber outsoles and a comfortable insole which cushions your foot all day long, and feels good from the moment you slip them on.

Limited Sizes Available

It’s not often we release shoes, let alone a standout pair of sneakers that can instantly transform and define your look! If you’re someone who loves defying definitions and wearing something different from everyone else, these are perfect for you. Or, if you’re someone who usually wears sneakers but wants a fun way to switch up your daily look, you’ll love these, too.

There’s only a limited batch available of these sneakers, so head over to our shop and find your size.