For Valentine's Day at Dooney & Bourke, the concept of romance isn’t simply an idea — it’s also an attitude. And few figures in history have embodied this outlook on life more than the Italian film starlets of yesteryear.

With the midcentury emergence of Sophia Loren, Monica Vitti and countless other actresses, a generation of women on screen gave us emotion, substance, and models of Italian luxury for decades. They sported forward-thinking clothes and accessories with that aforementioned attitude, fully aware of the timelessness of their mystique. All in all, we now have a style legacy that’s just as world-heritage-site worthy as the Roman ruins on Palatine Hill.

This respect for Italian craftsmanship and design has found a home at Dooney & Bourke. For over ten years we’ve looked abroad to use fine Vacchetta leather to develop bags for our Florentine Collection, a choice which gives even some of our classic American handbags a durable continental finish.

But for anyone who wants to honor their Italian screen legend alter-ego, the Alto Collection provides options to live out your imagination.

For instance, take the Alto Camilla, in black or red, which will add a sense of sophistication to any modern look. While worn alongside your favorite spring jacket or pair of flats, the slight curvature of the bag gives off the impression of luxury without stuffiness.

And when dressed more informally—boyfriend jeans and a t-shirt come to mind — there’s the Alto Ella, a pocketbook for essentials that will add a mark of taste to an otherwise everyday look.

Alternatively, for a similar appearance that’s a little more dramatic, the Alto Mini Camilla will add a hint of charm to your style for casual outings to parks and piazzas — if you’re only so lucky to think of yourself in Rome or Milan with the blink of an eye.

On Valentine’s Day this year, romance should be all about Italian style.