You’re staring at the clock, and it feels like it’s moving backward. You’re so close, yet so far. Everything you’ve been waiting for is right there, just out of reach. Finally, the clock turns, and it’s time. The weekend has arrived!

Time to set the hustle, bustle, and commitments of the week aside and celebrate the very best part of the week. While you’re out there living your very best life, we’re here to help you find the very best bags for every part of your whirlwind weekend.


Friday Evening: After-Work Drinks
Whether stepping out with coworkers or meeting up with friends, there’s no better way to kick off the weekend than with some well-earned end-of-the-week drinks. And there’s no better handbag for the occasion than our Saffiano Shopper.

It’s large enough to hold your evening essentials (as well as anything you may have to bring home from work), but elegant and sleekly designed enough to look great in any bar or restaurant. It’s a perfect work-to-weekend option for any Friday night.


Saturday: Shopping and Errands
With all the hustle and bustle of the work week, it’s inevitable that some errands and shopping will fall to the weekend. Yes, it’s a necessary evil, but you can still feel fabulous while you’re running around town if you’re wearing our Botanical Collection Drawstring bag. This handbag is adorned with cheerful sprays of springtime flowers, bees, and butterflies, set against an uplifting light backdrop. We dare you to look at it and not smile!


Saturday Night: Dinner or Date Night
Now that you’ve gotten the necessary errands out of the way, it’s time to go out and have some fun. For a nice dinner or a Saturday date night, our Saffiano Robin Crossbody definitely sets the tone. The understated, classically structured shape screams “night out,” and the wide variety of color choices allow you to make the perfect statement, whether it’s with sophisticated and chic Black, fun and flirty Bubble Gum, or something in between.


Sunday: Brunch
If we’re being completely honest, Sunday brunch may be our very favorite time of the entire week. There’s something electric about going out for brunch. The fresh morning air combined with the bustle of a busy restaurant and the tantalizing smells of freshly cooked brunch specialties brings a unique kind of satisfaction we just can’t explain. (The brunch drinks don’t hurt, either.)

Our Alto Slim Continental wallet keeps it simple and sleek while keeping you organized as you enjoy your hard-earned brunch. This slim wallet has a gorgeous, structured silhouette and offers the perfect space to keep your cards, ID, and small valuables organized and easily accessible.


One thing is for sure: weekends weren’t made to be wasted. While you’re out there living your best weekend life, we’re here to outfit you with the best bags for everything you’ve got on the schedule. Check out our full collection to see what other handbags can help get you through the week!