2020 is the year of meaningful gifting.

More than ever, this is the season to give your loved ones something meaningful, something thoughtful, or something useful. So many of us have had an unusual year, to say the least. Normal life has been upended. It’s been difficult to see our friends and families, especially those who live far away. That’s why it’s worth taking the extra time this December to consider all the ways you can make your loved ones, both near and far, feel special.

There are plenty of ways to give meaningfully. For some that means spending less, buying fewer but better quality pieces, or investing in a gift that means something unique to the person who will be unwrapping it.

Josie Lynn, of The Real Josie Lynn, spoke with us about the best way to show appreciation for those who deserve it this year.

Who are you shopping for this year?
My husband!

Why does he deserve something extra special this year?
He’s our rock, always working hard to provide for our little family!

If this year has taught me anything, it’s that life changes in the blink of an eye. One thing I’m grateful for, in all the craziness that has come this year, is the time to step back and slow down. I use to be constantly on the go, with packed days and not enough time to get everything done. Shopping for gifts was another thing I did too quickly. I’d get my loved ones things they wanted but without putting much thought into why I was doing it.

This year, more than before I want to make EVERY gift I give meaningful. I want my loved ones to know I spent time thinking about them and picked out something they wanted. I want to put a smile on everyone’s face this year. But not just the smile that comes with getting something you want; the smile that comes with knowing someone loves you and spent time thinking about you! And as a bonus, they’ll think of me when they use it.