The Hydrangea Monogram Collection is crafted for lovers of warm weather.

These handbags and accessories, with their colorful floral print, build on our Monogram Collection and are brand new for Spring 2021.

Here in the north east, signs of spring are around us. Violet crocuses have popped up in once-empty flower beds. Once a week we have the odd 70-degree day. The sun sets after seven. But early spring in New England is famously fickle. Mornings can be chilly and foggy. So let’s do our best to banish that fog with our brightest, cheeriest spring bags!

Here are a few tips for how to wear our Hydrangea Monogram Collection.

The Hydrangea Monogram Collection is bright, sassy, and playful. These printed flowers feature fuchsia, white, and blue petals with an occasional splash of green from background leaves. We think it’s best to stay away from patterned blouses or bottoms while wearing these bags. Let the hydrangea print stand out on its own! Instead, think of complementary colors like a white or light grey blouse and a blue skirt or jeans.

You can also embrace the flora theme and stick to earth tones like browns and greys. These muted hues would work especially well for your footwear options.

It’s true that this collection is teeming with spring and summer spirit. But that doesn’t mean you can’t carry a hydrangea bag into the fall or winter. For a transitional look, take some inspiration from the sketch above. Go with a midi-length skirt and a long sleeve button-down or sweater.

Now get out there and enjoy your Hydrangea Monogram handbag. And don’t forget to keep these transitional tips in mind for when the seasons change!