Helllooooo Summer.


It’s the perfect time of year to break out the florals, and our Hydrangea Monogram Collection is ready for action. Embrace these bold patterns and bright colors and discover your new favorite outfits. We’ve got all the tips you’ll need to incorporate these bright bags into your daily wardrobe.



Each bag in the Hydrangea Monogram Collection is a statement piece, so it’s perfect to pair with your favorite jeans, a simple summer white top, matching hat and sneakers for a casual, playful look.



Play up this striking style with structured pieces that pop. A clean-cut blazer and a classic pair of flared trousers make for the perfect pairing. As for accessories, keep it simple—a matching pair of hoops and heels and you’re all set.



Just because Hydrangea Monogram is bold and bright doesn’t mean you have to stick to basics. Switch it up a bit with a chunky heel and a matching set for a trendy yet pulled together look.



We hope this helps you find new ways to bring Hydrangea Monogram into your wardrobe. Feel free to share your style ideas and outfits with us, @dooneyandbourke on social!