Cabriolet iPad Mini Case

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Cabriolet iPad Mini Case
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  • Designer Notes

    Protect your small tablet with a case crafted from our cabriolet fabric, which is stain-resistant, totally waterproof, and virtually maintenance-free. Best of all, this sleek accessory fits right inside your everyday purse.

  • Product Details

    Genuine embossed leather. iPad™ is a registered trademark of Apple®, who does not endorse or sponsor this product.

    Approximately measures H 8.25" x W .5" x L 5.75" and weighs 2 oz.

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  • Care & Cleaning

    Cabriolet fabric has a 3 layer construction. The top layer is a durable acrylic twill weave. The inside is rubber for increased support, and the lining is 100% cotton. The leather trim is 100% cowhide and is vegetable tanned. Vegetable tanning, which involves an acidic plant extract found in the bark of trees, enables the hide to oxidize. Through oxidation the hide matures over time, with use and with exposure to light from a pale tan to a rich deep honey color.

    Although fairly difficult to soil, Cabriolet fabric can be cleaned with a slightly water dampened cloth or soft toothbrush and a mild soap used in a gentle circular motion. For stains of an oily nature first remove excess liquid with a dry cotton cloth. Next, sprinkle talcum powder over the area generously and allow it to sit briefly. After such time use a dry toothbrush to brush away the powder and alleviate the grime.

    No creams, polishes, conditioning agents, or leather cleansers should be applied to the Vacchetta leather for any reason. Spots will simply blend in to the leather color as it deepens in color over time.