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Meet Scott

Meet Scott: Composer, Father, and Husband

Meet Scott

Heading into Father's Day, we spent the day with Scott. He's a composer and conductor, a lover of style and craft, and most importantly, the proud father of Sophie. Visit his studio in Philadelphia with us and get to know what drives him creatively, his approach to style, and his new life as a father. Learn more about Scott here or follow him on Instagram.

At Dooney & Bourke, our style is defined by a love of the classics and a passion for fine craftsmanship. How would you describe your personal style?
Dressing in a way that feels correct has been important to me since I was a small child. My wardrobe now is quite minimal: I typically wear black jeans and a tailored shirt in gray or navy. I buy fewer items of the best quality I can afford.

On Fatherhood

"Becoming a father was, without doubt or exception, the most profound emotional, spiritual, and aesthetic experience of my life."

We’re proud that our roots are in Norwalk, Connecticut and our connection to New England is another part of what defines us. How does your connection to Philadelphia influence you?
For me, it’s important to have certain things close at hand: music and the other fine arts, good food and wine, and a shared street life in the form of parks, shops, and cafes where people spend their time together outside of their homes. Philadelphia has all of these but is calm enough that I can find time here to work without being overwhelmed.

We strive to work creatively, from the way we source raw materials to the way we design our leather goods. How does creativity impact your life?
The twin impulses to search for beauty in the world and to manifest that beauty in my work govern every decision I make in one way or another. When I’m not working, I take great joy in doing the little things as well as I can: there is always a more elegant way of making a coffee, preparing a meal, driving a car, building a fire, or doing anything that can be refined through careful consideration and attention to detail.

How has fatherhood changed you?
Becoming a father was, without doubt or exception, the most profound emotional, spiritual, and aesthetic experience of my life. When I first held my daughter Sophie and told her that I would love her until the end of time, I knew that I had told a truth that was truer than anything I’d ever said or, indeed, ever could have said, before. It’s a cliché, perhaps, but becoming a father changed me in a way that I never saw coming.

What are the five things you can’t live without?

  1. My family.
  2. A piano.
  3. Time to think, and to daydream a little bit.
  4. A great city.
  5. Nature.