Olde York 2018

Olde York Distillery

A Discussion About Craft & Quality

We took a trip to Hudson, NY to visit with Sophie, Rory, Louise, and Stuart - the family force behind the Olde York Distillery. Stop in as we discuss craftsmanship, quality, and blending traditional and modern influences.

How did the distillery come to be? What’s the origin story?
The distillery started out as a passion project because of Stuart’s love of American History. I saw a unique opportunity to turn my father’s hobby into a family business

We launched Dooney & Bourke over forty years ago with a commitment to making leathergoods with timeless style and uncompromising quality. What values motivated you to start the distillery and cooperage?
We started Olde York Farm Distillery with two missions in mind: first, to support local organic agriculture and, second, to revive the craft of coopering barrels by hand.

Craft & Quality

"Olde York Farm is committed to using ingredients from farms using organic practices. The better the ingredients, the better the spirits that we make."

Our products are inspired by America’s rich history in leather utility bags, from mail pouches to saddlebags. What inspires you in the creation of artisanal spirits?
The talented farmers of the Hudson Valley constantly inspire us to create new micro batches of spirits. We are surrounded by the most beautiful ingredients to produce and flavor our spirits.

We are guided by a steadfast commitment to choosing the finest raw materials and applying the time-honored techniques of old world leather craft. What defines your craft?
Olde York Farm is committed to using ingredients from farms using organic practices. The better the ingredients, the better the spirits that we make.

The distinct blend of classic styling and modern functionality is a hallmark of our brand. How do your spirits combine traditional and modern influences?
Our spirits use very traditional methods to make our base spirits such as vodka, apple brandy, whiskey, and bourbon. But each spirit is very modern in its presentation and because they are flavored with real local ingredients.

Dooney & Bourke is a family owned business. What’s been the biggest surprise of working with your family?
The biggest surprise is learning each others hidden strengths and capabilities. We are constantly learning new things about one another.

D&B Favorites

An Olde York Distillery Favorite

The Peony Lemonade

Kick back with a modern take on a classic drink, a spiked lemonade. Start with sparkling water or club soda and add peony liqueur, vodka, bitters, and lemon juice. Garnish with an edible flower.


  1. 2 oz. peony liqueur
  2. 1 oz. vodka
  3. 9 drops of flower bitters
  4. 1 lemon squeezed
  5. Sparkling water or club soda
  6. Edible flower