There’s a time and a place for every handbag. Bright, vibrant colors can add a pop of personality to an outfit, but neutral shades? Neutral shades can help elevate your look and act as a supporting player, complementing the main event – your outfit – without overpowering it.

A neutral handbag should add to your ensemble and seamlessly blend in rather than stealing the show. Here are three beautiful neutral handbags that will get you started…


The Pebble Grain Zip Zip Satchel in Oyster
This modern satchel combines a classic silhouette with gorgeous Pebble Grain leather, buttery to the touch yet durable enough for your everyday. The result? A handbag that is equal parts classic and modern.

The rich, neutral tone of the bag allows it to stand out without overpowering, creating a beautiful balance between your bag and the rest of your ensemble. Its all-around zipper adds convenience and flair, making it truly the best of both worlds.


The Florentine Satchel
This gorgeous neutral satchel is the epitome of luxury and elegance in any shade. The warm natural shade of the Florentine Satchel truly allow the beautiful silhouette to shine. With its stunning rounded edges, smooth Florentine leather, jewelry-grade Italian hardware and impeccable craftsmanship this is a piece that will truly last the test of time.

This classic handbag can be paired with both casual outfits and formal ensembles. Pair it with a short red cocktail dress and neutral heels to really turn heads, or with jeans and a simple summer tee for a more relaxed look.


The Florentine Holly Bag Shoulder Bag
The key to a strong, statement bag in a neutral color is that the handbag itself has to have a distinctive style that speaks for itself, regardless of color. The Florentine Holly Bag is the perfect example.

It has a beautifully structured silhouette that can hold its own, and is crafted from fan-favorite Italian Florentine leather, adding an air of elegance to every look. Whether you choose to wear it in classic Natural, or Ecru, this look can make a statement without stealing the show.


Choosing the perfect handbag isn’t always about picking the brightest, most head-turning color. Sometimes, it’s about finding understated elegance that will play well with others. Go with a neutral handbag to create a refined, timeless look that you’ll love for years.

Shop our collection of designer handbags, both neutral & bright, today and find the perfect look for your wardrobe.