New England comes alive in the summer. Seasonal ice cream shops specializing in homemade flavors and seafood shacks selling fresh lobster rolls pop up near every town center. In the early mornings, people flock to ocean, bay, and sound beaches. During sunset’s golden hour, those same people can be seen walking, biking, or driving along sandy beach roads.

Our HQ is based in a coastal Connecticut town known for its seafood, specifically oysters. We’re passionate when it comes to seafood. We New Englanders might disagree on the best type of clam chowder (red or white?). But we do have something in common. We can’t deny a good, functional boat shoe.

Boat shoes are a summertime staple. But people don’t just love them for their nautical-inspired details—boat shoes are functional by design. Ours are no exception. They have siped rubber soles, which allows for boosted traction thanks to special cuts in the leather that appear in a wave-like pattern. They’re for boating, absolutely. But once you break them in, they mold to the foot and become comfortable enough for a stroll around town. Like a pair of your well-worn flip flops, boat shoes go with dresses, shorts, and everything in-between.

Right now, you can only find our boat shoes on our website. They were designed on the shores of the Long Island Sound, in our Connecticut headquarters, and handcrafted by artisans in Portugal from leather you know and love from our handbag collections.

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