We’ve tested out every silhouette and have reached a unanimous consensus: backpacks are the best bag for commuters.

Comfort matters a lot for someone who travels to work by train or on foot. Every aspect of the commuter’s daily uniform has to be functional. The shoes commuters wear need to be comfortable, jackets must stand up to the elements, and bags should organize a range of necessities and be easy to carry.

Backpacks hit those checkboxes. It’s stressful digging through your bag on the go. With multiple pockets, our backpacks keep you organized, so you know where everything is the moment you need it. We design larger pockets optimized for bulky items, like hand sanitizer, and slim pouches to hold something discreet, like a Metro Card.

We found that our team preferred backpacks for a simple reason: they’re just easier to wear. We bumped into significantly less people when wearing a backpack, compared to tote bags or satchel bags that sit on one shoulder. And for those of us who had to walk uphill, it was just way more comfortable wearing a bag on our backs. Backpacks even out the weight distribution on our shoulders. We needed a lot less massages.

For the commuter who travels by train, plane, or foot, we recommend keeping your day as effortless as possible with a backpack.

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