Luxury bags come in all different shapes and materials, and each requires their own type of care. If you’re a busy, on-the-go-getter who doesn’t want to sacrifice style and luxury for durability, a nylon bag is a maintenance-free option worth considering. Before we dive into how to clean a nylon bag, let’s discuss the different factors that make nylon a great choice to begin with!

Why We Love Nylon Bags [And Why You Will, Too]
Nylon is probably our most lightweight and breathable material. That’s why it’s perfect for those busy, on-the-go mornings when you just need to get up and go. It’s also great to bring to the beach when you don’t want to feel weighed down by leather. And when there’s rain in the forecast, nylon is probably your best choice. It dries down easily and initially repels water. Just keep it out of the downpours!

But are nylon bags in style? We answer with a resounding YES! Everyone–from commuters to beach goers to parents swear by their nylon bags. It’s the material of choice for those who need a durable bag that’s incredibly easy to clean.

Is a Nylon Bag More Expensive Than a Leather Bag?
Another incredible feature of nylon bags for daily life is that they are significantly less expensive than a luxury leather bag. Coupled with superior craftsmanship and proper care, a nylon handbag can become a favorite accessory that lasts for several years or decades.

How to Clean a Nylon Bag: What You’ll Need

Cleaning nylon is fairly straightforward. Depending on the severity of the stain, you’ll just need a few things:

  • Distilled water, or sodium-free seltzer
  • Mild bar soap
  • Talcum powder
  • A soft cotton washcloth
  • Toothbrush

To remove dirt: Dampen a clean cotton cloth with distilled water or sodium-free seltzer and dab it on the bar soap. Gently apply the washcloth to the spot in a circular motion. Repeat with distilled water until no residual soap remains. Let the fabric dry completely.

To clean oily spots: Wipe the bag free of excess liquid with a soft washcloth as soon as you can. Then sprinkle some talcum powder on the soiled area. Let it sit and absorb the oil for about five to ten minutes. Gently remove the powder with a dry toothbrush.

If the stain is on the leather trim, do not use any creams, polishes, cleansers, or leather conditioning products to remove it.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to remove stains caused by anything that has dyes (ball point pen or lipstick, for example). Any marks made by your favorite red lipstick are now part of what makes your bag unique!

Can you Wash a Nylon Bag?
Handwashing is the safest route when it comes to maintaining the integrity of your nylon handbag. While it’s true that nylon bags are more durable and repel stains better than other handbag materials, Dooney & Bourke nylon bags feature beautiful leather trim and accents that can be damaged with improper care. To best care for your bag and ensure its integrity, follow the steps outlined above.

These tips work for any of our bags or wallets featured in the Wayfarer or Nylon Collections. Shop today to find the perfect nylon bag style, color, and look for everyday wear!