Here it is–everything you need to know about Florentine leather care.

This is for anyone who just purchased their first Florentine handbag or accessory. But this is also helpful information for anyone who’s been carrying a Florentine style for a long time.

Florentine leather is a Vacchetta leather from Italy. Its unique characteristics differ greatly from pebble, patent, and our coated leathers.

Florentine leather is known for the patina it develops over time. That tan color you see will deepen the more you wear it. The resulting tone is rich and dimensional–like an old vintage bag. This leather also softens over time, growing more supple every time you carry it.

Care & Cleaning

Caring for your Italian leather is an important but easy task. Keep in mind that this leather is not treated for water repellency. If it gets wet, it’ll temporarily darken. Don’t worry about its color. Once the leather is dry, your bag will return to its original hue.

This leather has a gently waxed surface that can help keep some dirt away. But if you experience any minor scuffs or chaffing, don’t sweat it. You can gently buff these away, or at least lessen the mark, using a very soft cloth. Something to keep in mind, however, is that anything containing dyes (ink from pens or lipstick) cannot be removed. Pack your bag with care!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need to treat this leather?
A: Nope! You won’t need to treat this leather with any kind of cream or polish. Its natural beauty will only grow over time.

Is my Florentine bag waterproof?
No. Florentine leather is not specifically treated for water repellency. Take care when carrying this bag on a rainy day.

I have longer nails. What do I do if I scratch the leather? How can I fix it?
This leather has a subtle waxy finish. In the case of subtle scratches, you can try buffing them out by applying a dry soft cloth in a gentle circular motion. This leather tells the story of its lifetime. Some signs of wear simply add to its character!

For more questions about Florentine leather care, see our Care & Cleaning guide.

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