Today we’re talking patent leather care.

Patent leather is the kind of material that turns heads. It’s known for a high-gloss finish that gives it an irresistible shine. Whether the patent handbag on your shoulder is slick black or juicy bubblegum pink, it’s going to standout. We guarantee you’ll get compliments on this shiny leather wherever you go.

This leather is flexible and durable. But you have to do just a little bit more to care for it properly. Here’s why.

Our patent leather is tanned in the same way as our other leathers. However, during the finishing stages, we use a special varnish and buffing process to create that polished, high-shine look. This unique varnish protects the color underneath it. But you’ll have to take a little extra care to protect the surface. Take care when storing your patent leather bag. Keep it away from other leather goods, since their dyes can possibly rub off onto your patent.

Cleaning Your Patent Leather

Patent leather is virtually waterproof, but we don’t recommend wearing it on heavily rainy days. Constant exposure to water can potentially dull this leather’s standout shine. But no worries if your bag gets wet. Simply pat it dry as soon as possible with a soft cloth.

If your bag gets dirty, cleaning it is quick and easy. Take a soft cotton cloth and slightly dampen it with distilled water. If you don’t have distilled water, then you can use sodium-free seltzer water instead. Apply the damp cloth in a gentle, circular motion and let it air dry.

As with most of our collections, our patent leather doesn’t need any special treatments (creams, polishes, or leather conditioning products) to maintain its beauty.

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