Pebble Grain and Florentine leather are two iconic materials with distinct characteristics. While some only wear Florentine Leather Bags, others wouldn’t dream of parting with their trusted Pebble Grain Leather Bags. If you happen to be on the fence between the two, this definitive guide can help clear the confusion around which leather fits your style the best.

Let’s start with the basics: “What is Pebbled leather?”

What is Pebbled Leather? Origins, Characteristics & Care

Pebbled leather, or “pebble-grain leather,” refers to the raised and textured finish added to leather goods. To create the pebbled look, the leather is put into a press designed to create rounded, raised bumps resembling very small pebble-like shapes. This popular textured finish has been a Dooney & Bourke mainstay since the 1980s.

Is Pebbled Leather Real Leather?
Since pebbled leather is a textured surface technique, it can be added to both real and faux leather bags. At Dooney & Bourke, we believe quality is in the details, which is why we are constantly updating our Pebble leathers to the newest and best iterations. Our current collection of Pebbled Leather Bags is crafted using an all-new authentic European leather, our softest and lightest leather yet.

Is Pebbled Leather More Durable Than Other Leathers?
Thanks to the textured surface, pebbled leather is an excellent finish for hiding scuffs or marks. If your handbags tend to take a beating, pebbled grain leather is a wonderful choice that can keep pace for years, if not decades, when taken care of properly.

One of our first pebble leather collections, the “All Weather Leather Collection” featured bags with outstanding waterproof qualities. Light rainwater rolls right off of these textured bags! Although treated for water repellency, we still advise wearing with caution on rainy days, as rain can seep in through zippers.

How Do You Care for a Pebbled Leather Bag?
Caring for your pebbled leather bag is simple. This leather requires no special polishes, cleansers, or conditioning products to look and feel new. To clean, we recommend a soft cotton cloth slightly dampened with distilled water or sodium-free seltzer water and a touch of mild bar soap. Apply the mixture in a circular motion, and repeat with water only to ensure all residual soap is gone. Allow the leather to dry completely before use.

A Final Word On Pebbled Leather
While Pebbled leather is known for its unmistakable pebbled texture, unique styles in the Pebble Grain Collection, like those flaunting our signature Vacchetta leather trim, are hard not to love. Casual and versatile, pebble grain leather is perfect for everyday life and the many outfit changes that come along with it. The leather’s natural grain means it’s extra durable and suited to carry you through your busy everyday life, all without looking tired or worn (even though you might!).

Now you’re probably wondering, “What is Florentine leather, and how is it different?” We’re glad you asked! Let’s talk about it.

What is Florentine Leather? Origins, Characteristics & Care

Let’s discuss the basics of Florentine leather to see if it’ll make a great addition to your wardrobe.

Is Florentine Leather Real Leather?
Florentine leather is a newer but now-iconic Dooney & Bourke collection first introduced in Spring 2011. This popular leather style is crafted from rich Vacchetta leather, and offers one exceptional characteristic: it transforms the longer you wear it. Here’s what we mean:

Over time, Florentine develops a patina, meaning its color deepens and grows richer. Looking at two Florentine bags side by side, you’d be able to tell which has been worn for longer (hint: it’s the darker one).

Is Florentine Leather Soft?
Like a fine wine, Florentine leather’s softness gets better with age. So go ahead and take this bag with you through the decades; you’ll be glad you did!

Is Florentine Leather Durable?
As an authentic leather, Florentine leather offers a certain level of durability you can count on to go the distance. Still, proper care should be taken to preserve the life and quality of the handbag (as is the case with any handbag). Unlike a pebbled leather bag, minor abrasions or marks will be more visible, but can be removed or lessened in appearance with a soft cloth and gentle buffing.

How Do You Care for a Florentine Leather Bag?
Since Florentine leather is not explicitly treated for water repellency, it should be protected around water. Although the leather will darken if it becomes wet, rest assured the damp spot will return to its normal color once dry. Thanks to Florentine leather’s natural patina that grows darker over time, these wet spots will become less noticeable. Since the leather has a slightly waxed surface, wiping down your bag is a bit easier.

A Final Word On Florentine Leather
For a truly luxurious bag that will only grow more beautiful over time, a Florentine leather handbag is a must-have. With time-honored craftsmanship, perfectly placed hardware, and simplistic yet stunning silhouettes, Florentine leather can be easily dressed up or toned down to make a statement on any given day.

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