If you’re reading this article from your home office, then it’s time to give your work station the love it deserves with refined desk accessories.

Working from home was a surprise for many of us. But now that we’ve been home for over a year, we’ve had plenty of time to re-think our spaces.

Of course, “Home office” is a relative term. For some of us, that means our kitchen tables. For others, that means the standing desk we splurged on during a sale. But whether you’re working at a table meant for other things or sitting in a space you carefully set up for yourself, we have some tips for making your new workspace feel different from the rest of the spaces in your home.

Our Alto Collection offers plenty of high-quality desk accessories that elevate your space. You can mix and match the pieces to customize a look that’s perfect for your vibe. The accessories include subtle touches, like a leather pen holder, and statement pieces, like a desk pad.

leather pen holder

These minimalist desk accessories pieces are crafted in Italy using leather with an ultra-smooth grain. They come in two colors: classic black and a rich saddle brown. Not only do they organize your desk, but they’re also beautiful, and designed to last.

Also, these accessories will make great gifts for the busy professionals in your life! With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day coming up, you might want to browse not just for yourself, but for someone who can use something special.

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