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Hello From Idaho

We’re spending the last month of summer in the vast western landscape of Sun Valley, and brought some of our standout collections to the mountain trails and grassy meadows where we breathed the freshest air around.

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Western Collection
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The Western Collection

With an iconic horseshoe design made from 18K gold-plated studs, this collection truly feels at home while traveling high elevation plains.

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Florentine Collection
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The Florentine Collection

Our rich Italian Vacchetta leather gets better with age and wear. Like these unforgettable views, each handbag from this collection is truly one-of-kind.

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Pebble Grain Collection
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The Pebble Grain Collection

Natural beauty is everywhere, especially in our pebble leather handbags and accessories. Pebble leather still has its natural grain, improving its longevity.

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Monogram Collection
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The Monogram Collection

We finally found a match for the oversized signature logo in this collection—in the endless valley that leaves a similarly outsized impression.

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