First rule of Dooney HQ: Don’t forget your dinosaur.

When we asked Jenn from our e-commerce team to show us what was inside her Florentine Amelie Tote, she revealed the last thing we expected to see: an inflatable dinosaur. How she managed to walk around with it lurking inside her tote, all the while keeping a straight face, impressed us. We had to know more, so we had a little chat with her about her bag and what else she’s carrying these days.

Q&A With Our E-Commerce Specialist

Tell everyone your name:
Jennifer Arias

What department are you in?
E-Commerce and Marketing

Which bag are you carrying?
Currently, I am carrying an Amelie Tote in Florentine leather.

Why do you love it?
It fits everything I need. Also, I love how supple the Florentine leather is. I wear it every day, so it’s pretty broken in. It feels much softer than the first day I wore it, and it was already pretty soft.

What’s your favorite shape and why?
My two favorite shapes are totes and crossbodies. I find that our tote bags for women are great during the week for work and help me make sure I have everything I need. Crossbodies are great for weekends when I only need a few basic things. I rarely bring a tote with me when I go out on the weekend.

What’s one thing you always have in your bag?
I always have a Toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss.

Most practical item in your bag right now:
My laptop. I bring it to and from work with me every day and it fits in this tote so easily. Shout out to my Dooney Duck sticker.

Most surprising item in your bag right now:
An Inflatable dinosaur I’ve been meaning to give my nephew for months.

The Amelie Tote is available in two sizes, and both offer two carry options (rolled top handles and an adjustable, removable strap.).

Shop the Amelie Tote here.