We’re always curious about what bags our co-workers are carrying, what they’re packing in them, and where they’re headed. Jess from our E-Commerce team usually disappears every day during lunch time, around her shoulders. We just had to know what was going on.

Q&A With One of Our Content Writers


Job title?
I’m one of the content writers for our Web Team!

Which bag are you carrying?
Pebble Grain Zip Pod Backpack.

Why do you love it?
It has a slim profile so I never feel like I’m bulky when I wear it. And the zipper goes around the whole opening, so it’s easy to pack and find whatever I’m looking for. It’s practical but stylish. I don’t feel like I’m heading off to school when I’m wearing it. It’s actually a perfect bag for writers or students who don’t like to carry a lot with them. And I love quickly packing it up and setting out for a walk, which helps with writer’s block!

What’s your favorite shape and why?
I’m torn between a crossbody (I LOVE our crossbody bags for women!) and a backpack. They’re both hands-free, but I think backpacks win. I just love them. They’re the easiest bag to wear. I feel more comfortable wearing something that goes around both of my shoulders, instead of just one.

What’s one thing you always have in your bag?
I usually have something to read with me. Nowadays I’ve been carrying around too many issues of The New Yorker. I like to read them on my lunch break. But my lunch break is only so long; I definitely don’t need all three with me.

Most practical item in your bag right now:
Dry Shampoo!! Don’t leave the house without it!

Most surprising item in your bag right now:
It’s kind of boring, but I’ve been carrying around a computer mouse that belongs a laptop that I stopped carrying around months ago. I don’t even use that laptop anymore. And I don’t know why I still bring the mouse everywhere with me. I feel like at this point, I should just name it.

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