Caily, our fabulous social media and PR expert, loves the Via Joelle Tote.

The Via Joelle Tote, from our Alto Collection, is designed and crafted by hand in Italy’s Tuscan region, just outside of Florence. The tote features a roomy interior, leather straps, and jewelry-grade hardware. Like most of the minimalist silhouettes from the Alto Collection, the Via Joelle is impossibly sleek. It’s designed for those who invest in high-quality handbags that are durable enough for their everyday life.

Caily carries her roomy Alto bag to and from work. On an outdoor lunch break, we saw her reach into her tote and take out something with a lot more flavor than the usual items she carries around. We chatted with her to find out what else she had in there, and what she loves the most about her Italian-made tote.

Q+A With Our Social Media Expert


Which bag are you carrying?
I am carrying the Alto Via Joelle.

Why do you love it?
I'm mostly working from home these days, but on occasion I need to go into the studio for photoshoots and PR planning. The Joelle fits everything I need to bring to and from work. There’s even a center pocket that keeps everything super organized so I'm not fussing around.

Do you have any styling advice?
My favorite part about this bag is that it goes with anything! I have yet to put on an outfit that it didn’t look perfect with. I love that it looks effortless with everything and I don’t need to put too much thought into styling.

What’s one thing you always have in your bag?
A disposable camera. I love bringing it along on little excursions with friends or my boyfriend to capture little moments. It feels a little more special than taking pictures with my phone.

Most practical item in your bag right now:
Hand sanitizer. I’m using it constantly.

Most surprising item in your bag right now:
My little bottle of Tajin! I put it on everything, especially pineapple. You have to try it if you haven't yet.

The Via Joelle is available in two rich brown suede leathers: Saddle and Chestnut.