This year, more than ever, a thoughtful gift goes a long way.

Many of us are missing friends & family who we haven’t been able to see with regularity. The best way to show appreciation for these loved ones, whether near or far, is with the right gift. Thoughtful gifts can turn a person’s entire day around, and maybe if the gift is that special, it can turn a person’s year around.

We chatted with Britney Turner, of The Boss Up, about the importance of meaningful gifting this year.

Who are you gifting to?
My mom! She absolutely loves Dooney & Bourke, and I know that she’s going to be so surprised when she sees her gift.

Why does she deserve something special this year?
My mom just went back to school in the Fall, and for her it’s been an adjustment trying to get back in the swing of school mode, while being a wife, mother, and working full-time. To celebrate her finishing her first semester, I thought it would be special to get her a gift that she’s been eying for a long time. Hopefully when conditions are better, she’ll be able to rock her bag going to and from class.

Tell us why it’s important to you to gift meaningfully this holiday season.
These times have really shown me how uncertain life and situations can be. It’s so important to gift intentionally this year as so many people have gone through so much. For me, it’s taking time out to give something that they need or something that I know will brighten their day. It’s the moment that comes after the gift, seeing them smile and light up, that really is the most important.