Have you seen our Dooney Duck stickers?

These little decals have become must-have collectables for both lifelong fans of Dooney & Bourke and newcomers alike. We’ve seen them on laptops, notebooks, refrigerators, and car bumpers. These ducks offer a fun way to personalize your space–and most of all, they’re just so cute.

Our Dooney Duck stickers launched in the spring of 2018. As a little thank you surprise, we sent them out in handbags and accessories that you ordered straight from our website. You also might have encountered them if you stopped into one of our national Outlet stores, or if you’ve came down to our annual Tent Sale in Norwalk, CT where we hand them out!

The first four stickers we included in our online orders featured an American flag print, our D&B signature print, and a football and baseball design. These charming patterns are inspired by the instantly recognizable patterns we use throughout both our classic and current collections. For the sports-inspired stickers , we like to give our duck more character by outfitting it in a football helmet or scuba gear.

But where did the Dooney Duck come from?

It all goes back to the early days of Dooney & Bourke, when we launched our now iconic All Weather Leather. The original All Weather Leather Collection was a textured leather with water-repellant qualities. It was a super durable leather, perfect for everyday life, and known for its signature pebbled grain. On a rainy day, water rolled right off of our original All Weather Leather handbags the way it rolls off a duck’s back.

So there you have it–our duck origin story. This also explains the leather duck logo patch you might have seen on a handbag or accessory from our Florentine and Pebble Grain collections, and the polished duck logo plate on our Wayfarer Collection.

If you want a little Dooney Duck friend for yourself, make sure you look carefully through the box that comes with your online order! And check back frequently–these ducks change with the seasons.