Over the years, we’ve used many different Dooney & Bourke logo patches on our handbags and accessories.

We make our logo plates using jewelry-grade hardware that has a shiny bronze or gold-tone finish. We make our patches from embossed leather in a variety of colors. Some plates and patches depict the famous Dooney Duck you’ve seen before. Some simply bare our name and founding date. All logos, though, are special and unmistakeable Dooney & Bourke creations.

You can learn how our collections evolved through studying our logos. Take the leather logo patch that originated with the All Weather Leather Collection. This oval leather patch is embossed with the shape of our iconic Dooney Duck.

Today, you can find a similar leather patch on our Nylon Collection. This lightweight fabric collection holds up to inclement weather as well as the original All Weather Leather did. Its leather logo patch has the same duck, but not the All Weather Leather distinction. Can you spot any other differences?

In some cases, two collections will share the same patch or plate. You’ll see this with Wayfarer and newer Ostrich styles. Both collections share the minimalist brown duck, detached orange beak, and shiny gold-tone finish. This specific duck is a callback to vintage styles.

If you’re wondering how to differentiate between Ostrich styles that are newer and those part of our classic collection, it’s simple. Classic Ostrich styles carry the gold-toned “Since 1975” plate.

The leather patch, featured in the bottom left corner below, is part of both our Pebble Grain Collection and Florentine Collection. These patches get the same treatment as the bag they’re sewn onto. So each leather patch matches the color of the bag itself.

Another one of our standout pieces is the Logo Lock (pictured above). Not only does this hardware offer a unique logo, it’s also functional. This polished lock acts as a closure and secures our standout Logo Lock bags, loved for their roomy interior and slouchy shape. The Logo Lock comes in Pebble, Belvedere, and Samba leather.

We’ve used plenty of other logos throughout the years. Some have been updated, some are still in use. Next time you’re deciding between handbags, check out the logo and let us know if you’ve seen it around before.