Did you know?

If your bag has a 3-piece strap, you can completely transform your silhouette.

High-quality handbags are an investment. A luxury. That’s why we believe you should get the most out of yours. Some of our bags, mostly crossbody bags, were designed to have a three-piece strap that allows you to customize your silhouette depending on your carrying preference.

Adjusting our three-piece straps is simple. Take the bag off your shoulder and note where in the strap you see the buckles. Each strap consists of two end pieces that clip into your bag and a removable component in the middle. This removable piece adds considerable length to your strap, so you can wear your bag like a crossbody.

Want to wear your bag at shoulder length? Just take out that removable middle piece, and attach the two ends together. Put the removable piece back in when you’re ready to convert your bag back to a crossbody silhouette. This fun little trick extends the life of your bag and fools everyone into thinking you have two D&B favorites instead of one!

Adjusting your 3-piece strap